WhatsApp working on a new feature to eliminate spam messages

WhatsApp Working on a New Feature to Eliminate Spam Messages

In the name of a messenger, WhatsApp has been always at top of the list and became the most popular messaging application in this world.

WhatsApp has more than 1.2 Billion Users worldwide, so it has become a major platform for spammers and fraudsters to try and dupe a lot of people but this will end up very soon with this new feature in the beta version of WhatsApp. Whatsapp is currently working on a new feature that will help every user to identify whether the message is spam or not, and hence this will avoid a user from getting duped and giving out sensitive information.

According to some sources — Whatsapp is currently working on this feature in which the user will get alert if a message has been forwarded several times. This alert will be indicated to a user via a label saying “Forwarded many times” within the chat bubble as shown in this image below

whatsapp spam messages alert bubble "Forwarded message"

The warning feature is currently being tested in the beta version 2.17.430 of the app. The report said that WhatsApp soon is likely to roll out the new feature in the next stable update for both Android and iOS.

Spammers Usually don’t Send Messages to a Single Person and WhatsApp’s new Feature is Specially made for this:-

A spammer usually sends spam messages to multiple users, selecting them from his/her contact list, the database of a registration service or from the database of the Internet.

These messages usually contain unwanted advertising and fake news and illegal content, and they often invite you to forward the message to your contacts or groups.

Currently, WhatsApp does not block the messages which have been forwarded more than 25 times

According to some sources — “The spammers may start to forward a new message to crack the new move but this operation will certainly slow down and discourage them,”

WhatsApp working on a new feature to eliminate spam messages

The Launch and Introduction of this new feature in Whatsapp clearly indicates that WhatsApp is very serious against these kinds of spam activities, spammers or fraudsters who follow some tricks to pull out some sensitive information from a user (Like Bank Details or Aadhar Details)

WhatsApp has also added the possibility to forward stickers to other chats which will be available in the future.

These two features are currently being developed and will be enabled in next WhatsApp updates.

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