WhatsApp for Android Will Give you One Hour to Delete Message for Everyone

WhatsApp for Android Will Give you One Hour to Delete Message for Everyone

WhatsApp Messenger Users of Android OS will soon be able to delete “messages for everyone” even after an hour. A report says that the updated version of Whatsapp Messenger for Android allows the user to delete a message for everyone in the time span of 4096 seconds, i.e., 68 minutes. This kind of feature was introduced in November last year according to which a user has 7 minutes of the interval to recall a message which we sent to our contact or in a group and to delete that message for everyone. Currently, we have 7 minutes of the time period after sending a message to delete the same message for everyone.

This new feature is currently available to only beta users of WhatsApp Messenger. This feature is a part of WhatsApp messenger’s beta version 2.18.69.  Apart from this increased recalling time of a message sent, the beta version update of WhatsApp messenger also comes with the possibility to forward Stickers, which is an upcoming addition to the instant messaging platform.

Keep in mind that major of the features/services which are tested under beta versions don’t necessarily become a final feature. WAbetainfo, which is a website that regularly monitors the beta updates to WhatsApp states that the latest update to the feature — “delete for everyone”  is only available for Android beta testers while an iOS updated version of the same will be also coming soon.

Does Whatsapp’s Delete for everyone feature solves a mistake or problem?

The feature “Delete for Everyone” was one of the best features on WhatsApp as it allows a user to delete a message which is accidentally/unintentionally sent to a contact or a group. This feature is pretty similar to the self-destructive messages available on several other instant messaging portals such as Facebook Messenger.

Does Whatsapp’s Delete for everyone feature have some limitations?

Since the introduction and Launch of “Delete for everyone” feature for WhatsApp, there have been a number of limitations for this feature. Two of them are listed below for instance:-  

  1.  If someone has replied or quoted your message on WhatsApp before you could delete it, then others can still see the original message.
  2. Another popular workaround lets you get the access to deleted WhatsApp messages even after seven minutes. This can be done by turning off mobile internet or Wi-Fi on your smartphone and then going to Settings > choose Apps > WhatsApp and tap Force Stop.

The feature “Delete Message for Everyone” was first introduced and launched in November, and after a short period of time – A third party Application called Notification History came into the lights because it included the feature for showing deleted messages as part of the complete notification history log despite others have deleted them. This third-party application could also notify a receiver when a sender has deleted the message.

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