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Blogging Newbie..? Here are some tips on “How to get started with blogging”

“How to start a blog?” – a most and a must asked question from every blogging newbie

Wanna get started with blogging but don’t have any idea about “how to start a blog?

No worries dear, I am gonna help you out with the same, just have a look in some of the points mentioned below and start your blogging journey


1) Choose a topic for your blog

This is a very complicated part for every blogging newbie because he/she will always get confused in thinking a right topic for the blog, a blogging newbie always think and ask several questions from his/her mind like –

  • Which topic should I choose?
  • Will I be able to write on that topic?
  • Will my blog be able to get popular?
  • Will my blog achieve much traffic to get ranked higher in Google?
  • Will this blog can help me to get a consistent stream of income?

I was also asking these kinds of questions when I was stepping in this trend, but according to a logical imagination, you should not ask such questions from your mind.

Just ask a simple question from yourself instead of asking these above-mentioned question – “What is that topic about which I am passionate?”

  • The reason is – If you will choose a topic about which you are passionate then you will be surely able to express, explain and write about that topic in a very clear and brief way
  • This will also help to make your blog popular as people will start following your blog due to a brief and excellent explanation of everything
  • it is also obvious that if you are providing a very good and brief content to your audience, then Google will start ranking your website because it is proved in digital marketing that “Content is the King”
  • And yes, if you are writing a blog about which you are passionate then this passion will help you to write and maintain the blog for years and years, and hence a consistent stream of income can be achieved after a long hard work of 4-5 years

3) Choosing a perfect name for your perfect topic

Right heard buddy..!!

Choosing a perfect and convenient domain name for your blog is the most important part of this scenario and might be a very frustrating and hard task as well because we have to think about a lot of domain names,

This is so because most of the domain names which stick as an idea in our mind are those domain names which are already taken by someone else or some of the times the domain names which we choose is also found under premium domains(only available at auctions) which anyone cannot easily afford.

Hence there are many possibilities to leave the idea of our best-chosen domain because of its unavailability or very high pricing, this is the reason behind this fact that choosing a perfect domain name for your topic might be frustrating and very hard.

It took one month for me to choose as a domain name for my blog

3) Finding the best hosting provider

This step is also a time-consuming step because if you wanna go and search for the best hosting providers, then you will be getting a different kind of positive and negative reviews for all the hosting providers.

Hence, choosing the best hosting provider can be a time-consuming task but I suggest you – go ahead and check the hosting packages and services they provide, and then decide for which provider you wanna go for.

And I’ll also suggest you – go for the package of three years or more if you are actually serious about blogging because it will be costing much lower than that of renewing the package after one year.

4) Picking the best website builder..!! WordPress is the King amongst all 🙂

This is not a hard kind of thing because most of the blogging starters go for WordPress as WordPress provide a much easy and user-friendly interface to work on your blog, It is also the most active installed website building platform that not only helps you with website builder but also there are a lot of plugins which you can install in WordPress to give your blog a lot of features without needing any coding skills.

5) Design and write for your blog regularly

Designing a blog is much easier with WordPress but if you want to make your blog popular and want to earn from your blog then this is gonna be really a great task,

But it is proven that “nothing is impossible”, so here’s the solution to it –  Post regularly, within a time period of 2-3 days


Everything is done, cheers and enjoy your blogging life 🙂 🙂


Thank you so much for reading this article, I hope this article helped you.

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