SEO Techniques to rank your website higher in search results

SEO Best Practices That Can Boost Your Website In 2018

With the increase of Digitalization in the world, there are several thousands of blogs and more than 50% of businesses are having their presence online. Search Engine Optimization continues to be one the most effective forms of marketing today. Also, Search Engine Optimization is also one of the most complex forms of marketing tactics available. Here in this article, I have listed some of the most important and effective tactics of Search Engine Optimization which should be followed by every business/blog to boost their rankings.

Keeping in Mind the latest updates by Google in 2018:-

Effective SEO Techniques for 2018

I will talk about the following practices to boost your rankings in 2018

  1. Write In-Depth and Brief Articles
  2. Optimizing Page Speed for Mobile Search
  3. Using Secured Server (https://)
  4. Update Existing Content
  5. Using Redirect 301
  6. Using Media in your Content
  7. Internal Linking

1. Write In-Depth and Brief Articles

With the changes in the evolution of Digital Market, SEO has also been constantly changing. However, Experts were also there experimenting with content on the website to track the changes in SEO. One of the proven best practices of SEO for 2018 and further is writing a type of content which explains everything in a brief and mannered way.

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Search Engines always prefer to give priority to those blogs which are quite long, holds a lot of content and explains the figures which a user wants in the article (or we can say a Pillar Story). Therefore, make sure the content you are publishing holds more than 1500-2000  words, explains everything that a user tends to want and should be written in a brief and clear manner. Research shows that the very first page of SERPs is placed by the blogs which are long, holds more than 1700  words, and built with In-Depth knowledge and explanation which passes the value to a user. Thus after a lot of research and proven results of top SEO Experts, we can say the longer the article, the more value you are passing to a user, and the more chances of ranking higher on SERPs because this factor is a positive signal to the spiders of a Search Engine.

2. Optimizing Page Speed for Mobile Search

There is a recent update of Google which will come in action with July 2018, wherein page speed of a website will become a ranking factor in Mobile Searches. This update is named as “Speed Update”. Talking about the previous ranking factors of Google, Page Speed was a ranking factor for Search Results but was only for desktop searches. We must have a website which has a quick page loading time because of which we can get a boost of our website in mobile searches.

SEO strategies for better rankings

Implementing this factor will give us a huge number of visitors landing on our website because some reports show that mobile users are increasing at a very heavy rate, and getting better visibility on Mobile SERPs will help a lot.

Google’s Zhiheng Wang and Doantam Phan wrote:

The “Speed Update,” as we’re calling it, will only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience to users and will only affect a small percentage of queries. It applies the same standard to all pages, regardless of the technology used to build the page. The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a slow page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content. (source:

3. Using Secured Server (https://)

There was a time when the owner of a website used to decide and think for migrating to a secured server or not. However, deciding and thinking of the same nowadays is of no-use with the update in Google Algorithms because you must migrate to a secured server for getting a boost in your SEO.

The update of SSL in 2018 will keep all your potential visitors away from your website because the website which is not having SSL Certificate (https://) will show a red warning at the top in the address bar mentioning that this website is not secure and stating that “Attackers might be trying to steal your information from this website like passwords messages or credit cards

ssl certificate secured server google update 2018

Also, we should keep in mind that currently, only chrome browser will show this warning. However, other similar browsers like Mozilla and Firefox will also show the similar warning in late 2018. Almost 65% of desktop users and more than 50% of mobile users browse the Internet via Chrome.

4. Update Existing Content

Being a professional blogger, you must have the quality of updating the content of your website on a regular basis (Either monthly, quarterly or yearly).  Research shows that Search Engine uses to give priority to the content which is fresh and updated. This factor is proven by some experts who are having a good amount of traffic on their blog, they picked an article – updated the article and significantly an increase in the rankings was tracked by them.

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Updating the existing content on your website will pass a positive signal to the Search Engine that your content is fresh, updated and covers the latest facts and figures by up to the date. Updating the Existing content of your website also improves the Click Through Rate of your website as user tends to click more on the Search Result which reflects the most recent date on the article.

5. Using Redirect 301

During content audit or while re-optimizing the content of a website, the possibility of the change in URL of some of the pages also increases and the old URL gives a response of 404 error (Page not found).

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These pages giving 404 Error must hold some ranking authority factors like backlinks, that is why proper redirection of old lost URLs to a new one (either to a new content having relevant topic or to the homepage of the website) is very important in terms of SEO as doing 301 Redirection especially passes the authority and links of the old page to the new one and hence we avoid losing rankings and visitors.

6. Using Media in your Content

While writing an article on your website, you should never forget to insert Images or Videos in between the content.

Moreover, the optimization of that media is a must for getting better visibility in Search Engine by giving relevant alt attributes, Title Tag and Description to the media you are going to embed into the article.

People are nowadays visual and like the content which describes a topic with relevant Images, and moreover, Google also loves the kind of content which is embedded with Images and Clips.

7. Internal-Linking

Internal Linking is the process of giving a link from one page to another within a website. Internal Linking does help in making it easy for Google bots to crawl and index the pages of a website. Internal Linking is considered as Important for a website or for SEO because it helps in maintaining the link equity between the pages of a website.

When we talk about SEO, Internal Linking is a very important factor to consider while optimizing the content of a website. Most of the companies focus more on backlinks to get better visibility on Search Engine and ignoring the importance of Internal Linking, they don’t have an idea that proper Internal-Linking can give them a boost in their rankings on Search Engine.

A blog or a website with proper internal linking will also help in creating a mannered structure of a website which further makes it easy for a user to navigate in the website, hence improving user’s experience, a decrease in bounce rate and more page views or engagement.

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