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Mystery Behind the Drifting of Digital Marketing

The rules of marketing have swapped as people are swapping their behavior, i.e., habits, passion, etc.,

A few years ago, people used to consume contents via Television, Radio, Magazines, etc., but now people are entirely swapping their habits. Now people are swallowing contents via YouTube instead of watching television, people are using social media instead of reading newspapers, people are reading blogs instead of listening to FM radio.

So, in simple terms:-

People are getting digital as the time is passing by,

and since people are changing their way to consume content, therefore a change in marketing techniques are mandatory to get the outcome because people play the most important role in marketing,

and hence, marketing techniques are getting changed from traditional to digital, i.e., the arrival of Digital Marketing

So this was the overview of change in behavior of peoples
and marketing techniques as well, and digitization is the
mutual fundamental among them.

As a result of these changes, most of the companies are trying to covert their marketing techniques from traditional to digital, and since they are stepping towards digital marketing therefore digital marketing experts must be in need, but there are not enough digital marketing experts in the market and hence, these companies are crying out for digital marketing experts.

Digital marketing overview

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Digital marketing is much more affordable than traditional marketing

We all are nowadays getting irritated with some of the pop-up advertisements in blogs, websites and in YouTube videos, and show our interest in some of these advertisements as well. So it means that a part of digital marketing is running in our screen.

Now let’s take an example of traditional marketing,

Ever gone for a ride..? Definitely, we all must had an travel experience in life, either by car, train, bus or a bike. And, obviously you must have seen the large banners or any small posters on the road side, so we can say here a part of traditional marketing is going on.

Ummmmmm..!! Marketing is a mutual fundamental between above two situations, so what is the basic difference apart from money in these situations..??


The difference is how mediums in digital marketing are spreading and exploring the advertisement as compared to that of traditional marketing, if we are investing in a particular banner on a particular roadside then there are many possible reasons for the advertisement to be neglected/ignored/can’t be seen, but if we are investing on an advertisement on social media/YouTube/blog/website then the advertisement will be surely pop in front of the user going through that page, and hence if the user is interested, he/she gonna open the link otherwise he/she gonna scroll down. Also, the expenses spent on running the advertisement on a digital medium are very cheaper as compared to the cost engaged in a roadside banner.

Conversion rate in digital marketing is much more as compared to that of traditional one

The basic reason for the above headline is:-

You are not only able to target the local audience, but you are able to target
the international audience as well. Going ahead, we are also able to target our desired audience such as :- particular gender, age, location, and interests.

other reasons:-

  • Communication/Interaction with your desired audience is possible without irritating them.
  • We can easily analyse the data, we can easily track the live status of our campaign by using Analytics/insights tools provided by google or social media.
  • There is a full right to your audience to choose how they want to be presented_with/accept your content.

I believe the above reasons are quite enough to understand the headline of this paragraph.

"The world is changing, the world is merging towards a new trend,
so prepare yourself to indulge in this new trend, else you will
be buried under the Market"


Thank you so much for reading this article.

Must Watch:- Why Digital Marketing is important? 

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