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“DIGITAL MARKETING IS EASY” Rumor or Hard Fact..??

We all are having an image on Social Media, we all exist on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other Social Media platforms.

We go through a lot of posts in our news feeds while surfing Social Media Websites, and we all have noticed the sponsored advertisements displaying in our news feed:-

 Advertisements on LinkedInDigital Advertisements on LinkedIn, learn digital marketing online free

 Advertisements on FacebookDigital Advertisements in Facebook, learn digital marketing online free

Advertisements on TwitterDigital Advertisements in Twitter, learn digital marketing online free




We all are familiar with these advertisements nowadays because Digitalization is drifting at a very high rate..!!

so do you think this is Digital Marketing..? yeah..?? and maybe if you think so then definitely it also arises in mind that Digital Marketing is easy man….!!

but if you think so… then exclaim a big “NO” to your mindset, because posting an advertised animated video, advertisement banner is not Digital Marketing. “Digital Marketing is very vast”, digital marketing techniques are also upgrading as the days are passing by and new tactics are introducing in the digital market.

If i am a digital marketing expert and i am marked under
the list of top digital marketers in the world, but
now i am owning a mindset which mentions me that:- 
"i had already achieved my goal, why should i learn now"
then literally the world gonna uncheck me from my achievement 
of existing in top digital marketers because new components
in digital marketing are simultaneously adjoining.

So please don’t compromise with the boundaries of digital marketing just by seeing advertisements like “learn digital marketing online free”

Just by seeing advertisements by various agencies and various advertisements like “learn digital marketing online free” please don’t think that they gonna make you expert in this trend within 3-4 months, and please don’t make your mind narrow by judging that digital marketing is easy.

From the outline, Digital Marketing looks like a swimming pool, but when you dive into it you get to know that it’s a big ocean in which you have to follow the right direction with your creative knowledge instead of using a compass, else you will get lost even after a lots of struggle and can never get out of it.

The market is full of people, agencies, and colleges claiming that they gonna make you professional, but do you think a swimming instructor will teach you how to swim and you gonna dive into the ocean without any practice..? NO..!! you need to practice a lot to go through the ocean. In the same way, these agencies are guiding you the modules of Digital Marketing and giving you the brief structure of Digital Marketing but all you need is practice and practice and practice. So whatever you gonna learn either from blogs or from any agency about digital marketing, to get the results — “you have to practice”


So go ahead, and start practicing a lot, if you want success in this trend:-

  • Wake up
  • Practice
  • Breakfast
  • Practice
  • Lunch
  • Practice
  • Rest
  • Practice
  • Dinner
  • Practice
  • Sleep
  • Wake up

and so on……   until success itself comes to you.

So I hope this article will help you a lot to give a right direction to your mindset, now go ahead and start practicing a lot and to get success:-

"To achieve success, make practice a mutual fundamental between your
daily hours"

and let me take rest because after the lunch I was in practice mode, and now it’s time to take rest 🙂 🙂 🙂


Thank you so much for reading this article.

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