13 Famous Brand Logos with a Hidden Meaning and Message in it

We see some famous brands like Adidas, BMW, Evernote, Apple etc., everywhere but never considered what their logo exactly means..!! But every Line, curve, and color of a Logo have a deep meaning or story behind it. Most of them were designed to indicate something much more than its simple beauty. Are you Curious to know? 

Check these 13 Famous logos with a hidden meaning you’ve never noticed:-


1) Amazon

Amazon Famous Logos with a Hidden Meaning

At first Impression, Amazon’s logo looks like nothing special. However, it was designed with the company’s motto and mind — “To make the customer smile by satisfying them with any product they want”. 

That is why the orange arrow present in the logo is designed similar to a smile. The arrow is also stretched between the letters ‘A’ and ‘Z’ in the name Amazon of the Logo which mentions that the company sells absolutely every product that you want.

amazon logo representing smile


2) Hyundai

At first Impression, Hyundai’s Logo appears to be Indicating the first letter “H” of the company’s name “Hyundai”. However, this Logo actually symbolizes two people shaking hands – One is the Client and other is the representative of the Company.Hidden meaning behind Hyundai Logo


3) Apple

The mind behind the world’s famous Apple logo was of — Rob Yanov. He explained his idea of designing such logo in an interview where he stated that he bought a bag of Apples, placed them in a bowl and spent a week of time in drawing them just to come up with and break the design into something simple. Then he took a bite of an Apple, which was a part of the experiment – and coincidently explored that the term ‘Bite’ sounds exactly same as the Computer Term ‘Byte’

hidden message behind apple's logo


4) Adidas

The name Adidas is derived from its founder’s name – Adolf Dassler. The company’s logo had changed many times but the logo has always been incorporated with the three stripes in it. The three stripes in the current logo are designed and kept in such an angle that it forms a triangular image which represents the mountain kind of obstacles that a sportsperson faces every day in his/her life.

adidas-three-stripes-history and message behind the logo


5) Sony Vaio

hidden message behind sony vaio logo

The first two letters of the Vaio logo symbolizes an analog wave while the last two indicates the number  ‘1’ and ‘0’ that represents digital signal or message.


6) Baskin Robbins

The pink colored part of the “BR” section in the Baskin Robbins’ Logo forms the number 31 – which is the number of ice cream flavors Baskin Robbins used to famously sell.Baskin-Robbins-logo-Transparent history behind


7) Toyota

Most of the people think that the logo of the Japenese car producer Toyota represents the image of a cowboy wearing a hat. But In fact, it’s actually designed in such a way that it forms the eye of a needle through which a thread is passing as shown in the imagemystery behind the logo of toyotaThis gives a representation of the company’s past as they used to produce weaving machines in the early times. However, the individual parts of the logo of Toyota also spell out all the letters of the company name “TOYOTA”.mystery behind the company logo of toyota


8) Formula 1

If you look carefully at the black space between the letter ‘F’ and red stripes in the logo of Formula 1, you can easily mark the number 1. The red stripes in the logo of Formula 1 also indicate a graphical representation of the high speed of Formula 1 cars.

message behind formula 1 logo


9) Beats

An audio equipment producer based in the USA uses the logo shown below in which letter B looks like headphones on a person’s head.

hidden message behind Beats Logo


10) Pinterest

On Pinterest people collect the images they like across the internet and pin them to their online boards that’s why the image of a pin is hidden in the letter p of Pinterest. Clear and Simple 🙂hidden message behind the logo of Pinterest


11) Evernote

Elephants are the only animals who are known for having mind-blowing memories, including their ability to remember both faces and activities. This is the main reason that Evernote, an application where we save notes, uses an image of an elephant as part of its logo wherein the corner of the elephant’s ear in the logo, is folded over — which represents the same way as that people often fold the corner of a page in a notebook to make note of what point they’ve read up to.

mystery and message behind Evernote-logo

12) LG

The logo of this South Korean electronics company LG is a designed image of a person’s face according to which, it represents the aspiration of the company to maintain ordinary, human relations with its customers.

mystery and message behind LG logo


13) BMW

Some people often thought that the central part of the logo of BMW represents the rotating blades of an airplane, in accordance to the company’s early history of aviation technology, but actually, it is just simply a part of the Bavarian flag — which is the area of Germany where the company originated.


mystery and message behind the bmw logo

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