Effective PPC strategies for a successful Advertising Pay per Click Campaign

Effective PPC Strategy: The Ultimate Guide for a Successful PPC Campaign

(PPC Campaign) Pay-per-Click Campaigns are a part of Search Engine Optimization Strategy as PPC campaigns if done correctly, can bring immediate and effective results. However, some of the people end up in quoting that “PPC is not worth the money you invest in it”. But before ending up with these words, you must go ahead and try to improve your PPC campaigns as effective PPC campaigns are one of the best and effective ways to drive traffic to a website, generating leads and in the conversion of sales. While creating a PPC campaign, there are a few mistakes which are responsible for an unsuccessful campaign, however, if you keep some important tactics in mind while creating a campaign then there is no doubt to get effective and responsive leads leading to a good ROI for our pocket.

Here are some important tips for creating an effective PPC campaign

  1. Start by Optimizing your Landing Page First
  2. Research and choose the Keywords wisely that you are going to shoot
  3. Don’t forget to include Negative Keywords
  4. Make sure that the Landing Page is having 100% relevancy to the Ad being displayed
  5. Create an Ad which is Eye-Catching
  6. Don’t Miss to Include the “Call-to-Action”
  7. Ensure the Ad is appropriate or not by testing it

Effective PPC Strategy 1. Start by Optimizing your Landing Page First


The first step before creating an effective PPC campaign would be of optimizing the landing page where the visitors (say potential customers) going to Land. This is the second impression after the ad which has the potential to turn a visitor into a customer. Therefore, the landing page must be well optimized enough to deliver the user a great experience and to help the user in gaining a trust with your online portal. When a user clicks on an advertisement, instead of reflecting the intention of a user to buy that product or service, it reflects that the user wants to know more about the offer/product or service.

For Example, let’s say:

You are running a campaign offering a Hosting+free Domain offer, then the landing page for this advertisement campaign must be providing more details about the offers such as:-

  • A coupon to redeem the offer
  • Terms and Conditions for the purchase
  • Something else that your potential customer suppose to wonder

You can optimize your landing page for better user experience by following the below-mentioned techniques:

  • Make sure that the landing page is responsive
  • Also make sure that the form filling fields are only asking for necessary information
  • Keep in mind that the landing page should load quickly (within 3-4 seconds)
  • Use a clear theme having more free space between the content
  • Use media – Images and Videos can attract the attention
  • Optimize the readability of the content, making it easy for a user to understand the content (using bullet points and quotations)
  • Write outstanding headlines that can attract the eyes
  • Use clear call-to-actions

Effective PPC Strategy 2. Research and Choose the Keywords Wisely that you are going to shoot


The most important thing to do while creating an effective PPC campaign is to choose the right set of keywords that are actually going to work successfully. Keywords are the core of a campaign as without a set of keywords, search engines will never know which ad is to be displayed and when and for what. If this part is actually done wisely, then you will be surprised by checking the outstanding performance of your advertisement leading to a great CTR (click-through-rate), more visitors, more leads and thus, more sales 🙂

Also while choosing a set of keywords, you will also get interrupted by your competitors. It is obvious that the set of keywords you are shooting can also be used by the competitors, or is being used by the competitors. To overcome this situation, there come these choices on which you can trap the top positions in the Result Page:-

  • Pay more money to beat your competitors
  • Choose the keywords which are not more effective, but still somehow effective and not being used by the competitors
  • Be Specific instead of being Generic, and target long-tail specific Keywords to stand out

Effective PPC Strategy 3. Don’t forget to include Negative Keywords


Adding negative keywords is also an important part to do while setting up an effective PPC campaign because you are in need of the real and potential customers and don’t want unnecessary visitors to whom you cannot provide the service or product. Filtering out the negative keywords will keep your advertisement away from the users who are of no use for you.

For example, let’s say-

If your website sells cakes and cookies but doesn’t offer the eggless cakes, so you must filter and exclude the negative keyword “eggless cakes” to get only the potential customers searching for a specific product that you can offer. This will keep those users away from the website who are searching for “Eggless cakes”

Otherwise, the user searching for a product on your website that you don’t offer will exit from your portal, and unwillingly you have to pay the bid amount for that click. 🙁

Effective PPC Strategy 4. Make sure that the Landing Page is having 100% relevancy to the Ad being displayed


I personally get irritated when I led to a wrong website even after clicking on an appropriate result. It’s very irritating for a user searching for a white shirt and getting landed on an e-commerce shopping website rather than getting into the specific product. If the landing page and the  campaign of that landing page don’t relate to each other, then there is no doubt that you are losing a lot of users and ending up in losing money set for that campaign.

Effective PPC Strategy 5. Create an Ad which is Eye-Catching


First Impression matters a lot

This is the most important step while deriving an effective strategy for campaign because this is the first thing which comes out for a better click-through-rate. If your advertisement of the campaign is eye-catching, then there is no doubt that you will be getting a good click-through-rate. You have to catch the eye of a user with just simple resources such as a headline or a description. Keeping in mind some few points as followed can help you in getting a good click-through-rate at your campaign

  • Keep it Short, Simple and Focused to the Point
  • Your advertisement should reflect the offer you are giving
  • Be creative enough that can pinch the curiosity of a user to know more

Effective PPC Strategy 6. Don’t Miss to Include the “Call-to-Action”


A Call-to-Action is simply an engaging fundamental which gives a signal to the user to click on the Advertisement. The most commonly used and default Call-to-Action is “Buy Now”. This is mentioned as the best Call-to-Action, however, it is nowadays not much effective because this is a very common and general Call-to-Action. A better Call-to-Action can help you in achieving a higher Click-through-Rate for your campaign, which in results provide you a quality traffic at low cost. Keep the CTA simple and short.

Effective PPC Strategy 7. Ensure the Ad is appropriate or not by testing it


Congratulation..!! You have successfully created an effective PPC campaign, but work doesn’t end here. The main task now is to test whether the campaign is good or not by considering some factors such as Click-through-Rate and Conversion Rate. So, track the performance of the campaign, optimize the campaign and make changes if necessary to get better results.


PPC Management to get a better ROI is really a tough and mind-freaking job. The true potential to create an effective PPC campaign and getting a good profit from it requires a great research, knowledge, planning, and efforts. Keeping in mind the above key points, you can create an outstanding PPC campaign which can bring you a great CTR, quality traffic, much leads and hence – Sales, Sales, and Sales ?..!!

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