List of the best free plagiarism checker tools for students stepping towards “blogging”

Best free plagiarism checker tools for students stepping towards “blogging”

Searching for free plagiarism checker tools? Are you a student or a blogger who want to check the plagiarism of your content? So here is the solution to this query of your curious mind:-

Need of plagiarism checker tools:-

This digital world contains a lot of data in the World Wide Web(Internet). The main advantage of the internet is – “it has given us the access to lots of information present worldwide, at any place and at any time”. Since there is a lot of information present with us in a single click, so the unique and original ideas tend to form in a small scale. Most of the people are nowadays copying and pasting the property(content) of others and mentioning themselves as the owner of this copied content.

Plagiarism checkers are an effective way to examine your content for any red spot that may mark plagiarism. This advance tool is available for those who are concerned about their content. This tool is also a god for people such as bloggers who want to protect their content/hard work.

Here is the list of plagiarism checker tools:-

A lot of plagiarism tools are available across the internet, some of them are paid and some are free.

Best free plagiarism checker tools across the web:-

1) Grammarly

When it comes to the best, Grammarly replaces all other free plagiarism checker tools. It is a must-installed software for every writer or blogger

  1. Can be used as a free version
  2. Check for plagiarism within seconds
  3. Apart from plagiarism checks, it also checks for spelling and grammatical errors and enhances the skills of a writer
  4. It enhances vocabulary skills of the user
  5. Useful for non-native English speakers
  6. It also works without an internet connection (works offline)
  1. It doesn’t follow British English (it only follows American English)

2) DupliChecker

It is one of the best free plagiarism checkers, this tool doesn’t have good graphics but it gonna do a great job for you

  1. Free of cost
  2. Check for plagiarism  in two different ways
  3. Get 50 plagiarism checks per day if you are a registered user
  1. Only 1 search per day if you are an unregistered user

3) PlagScan

This is the most recommended free plagiarism detection tool for teachers, academic professionals, and professors.

  1. Subscription not necessary
  2. Fully online
  3. Check for plagiarism  in three different ways
  4. Can be integrated with LMS/CMS
  1. Advanced interface(complicated)

4) PaperRater

One of the best plagiarism checker tools, it is a tool which is used by most of the bloggers across the world

  1. Contains three tools in it/ the three in one tool (grammar checker, vocabulary enhancer, and plagiarism detection)
  2. Very basic user interface which is easy to understand
  3. It provides much better results with amazing speed
  4. It’s free for basic need while for advanced features, you have to take the subscription
  1. If you are not a premium user then you can check only 5 pages at a time
  2. Advertisements are displayed to non-premium users

5) PlagiarismCheck

It is a tool which is built in advance algorithms, this is the best results for those who are in search for a free plagiarism checker tools because it doesn’t put any limitations like word count limit or limited checks per day and it is also considered as the best free plagiarism checker tool

  1. It accepts data in all file formats/have feature to accept any type of format
  2. You can download the plagiarism report easily with this tool

No bad reviews against this tool

6) Plagium

This is a tool which contains several features in it, a basic tool which is easy to use and have user-friendly interface

  1. Easy to use, user-friendly basic interface which is easy to understand
  2. Apart from web, this tool also check for plagiarism in social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.,
  3. Give results within seconds/instant output
  4. Get plagiarism check up to 5,000 characters for free
  1. Feature of uploading file is not available before signing up
  2. Deep search is not available before signing up

7) PlagTracker

  1. Fully Online (no download required)
  2. Mentioned in different categories (students, teachers, publishers, site owners)
  3. Apart from web, this tool also check for plagiarism in academic papers as it has the access to university databases
  4. Works with 6 different languages (English, German, French, Romanian, Spanish, Italia)
  1. You have to be a premium user to upload a file and check for plagiarism in it

8) Viper

A tool designed in user-friendly interface which works awesome in three steps 

  1. Totally free of cost (no hidden charges)
  2. Checks against more than 10 billion sources
  3. You can do unlimited plagiarism scans
  4. There is no word limit count for plagiarism check
  1. This tool keeps your content in their database

Other useful paid and free plagiarism checker tools are listed below that gonna help you to check for plagiarism:-

There are varieties of plagiarism checker tools available on the internet. Each and every plagiarism checker tool consist of some unique features. There are pros and cons of every plagiarism checker tool. I suggest you “go through multiple plagiarism checker tools before you stick to a single one and pay for it”.

Free plagiarism checker tools have some limitations while paid one is a better choice in finding the best results. So think wisely and briefly before taking subscription from any software, go for the one which can satisfy your needs.

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Thank you so much for reading this article, I hope this article helped you.

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